edinburgh tattoo convention 2012

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second convention, last year was great fun and went really well, so we were really looking forward to it this time. It’s so easy for us, all we need to do is wrap up our trolleys in cling film, put them in the back of the van, taken them out at the convention, cling film off and voilà! ready to go  😀
None of this packing a suitcase, leaving half your stuff behind by accident, having to rummage in the suitcase for stuff when you need it, and generally just ‘making do’. No Sir, we just moved half our studio, Alex even brought his massive chair!
Working it from tribe were Alex, Rob, Raffi, Bru and me, so we had a whole wall to ourselves again. Well, apart from the addition of Dan Henk, who is a triber while he’s here, doing a guest spot at Tribe 3 for a week after the convention again. He’s our american pet  😆

Alex and Rob won awards for their work this year, we were all well chuffed for them!
Also the Italian girls Raffi and Bru, had an article in Tattoo Revolution about themselves this month, so that was perfect timing. Good weekend for Tribe!

I had planned to have time to get a look around the convention this year, last time i just had my head down the whole time and didn’t really get a chance to catch up with others or check out new portfolios. I only booked 4 hours of work for myself on the saturday to allow me to do my nosey.
First up was Angela, a new customer for me, but i think we’ve started something that will grow and grow….

Billy is getting shading added to the fire dragon sleeve we are working on, he likes to get tattooed at conventions because there is so much going on, so much people watching to do, that it takes his mind off the pain. I think that is a good way to look at it, time flies by when you’re having fun.
(really bad pictures, sorry)

I then took my wallet for a walk to the supply stalls, not as big a mistake as usual, but only because I’d just stocked up at the Manchester convention…
I saw some lovely portfolios, my favourites were King carlos and jeremy Fish. We were working opposite to jeremy last year and i checked it out, but his portfolio this year seemed to have something special, loved it.
Not so many japanese specialists at this convention, the emphasis seems to be more on ‘neo traditional’. Some conventions seem to have that bias.

It was very busy and a bit frantic on the saturday, and the organisers say that attendance was up, but on sunday it seemed more sedate. people had made their appointments and were just browsing slightly, as opposed to trying to secure a slot with their chosen artist.
I didn’t really take any photos of the show, lazy me, but here’s a link to the convention’s facebook page, plenty of pictures on there (cop out alert!)

the next and final day of the convention i was working pretty much the whole day, had time to say hi to familiar faces who popped by on their rounds, thanks to all of you who came and showed off their work!

Steven still had quite a bit of colour to go in his japanese sleeve, this one has blue water, and a contrasting red orange koi, with purply petals in the lotus, a very bright and more manga style japanese piece, less traditional and very light and bright. I might add some black here and there if i think it needs it, but for now we are enjoying the bright and pure colour.

and i pretty much finished the Vietnam war battlefield piece on Brad, we’ve been chipping away at it slowly, and I’m sure i can find things to add and refine for a long time, but for now it’s come to a conclusion, if you can say that about a piece like this. You could keep adding detail for years, but for now I like the balance we’ve arrived at, and it was the end of the convention.

Taking pictures is hard, though, specially at a convention. As this will be added to with more anti war scenes, we will get a better chance at some point

we packed all our stuff back n the van, dropped it off at the studio, and went to the after party, yey! see you all there next year  😀

  1. angela says:

    thanks my tattoo is amazin and i,l defo b back 2 add 2 it.xx

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