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I was up at Tribe 1 in the sunny southside of edinburgh today, , up first was Lynne.
It was her first tattoo as she is only 18, and we did a rose and a wee pied wagtail bird on her arm. I think this will be extended at some point, so it’s a good start to what could be a very pretty collection.

the rest of the day I had Ruaraidh in for more shading, we might be moving onto the colour in the flowers next. It’s looking pretty dramatic now, lots of movement and drama, just the way I like my japanese  😀

as promised, the monster mega blog to make up for leaving my camera behind! So what follows is a whole week’s worth of work. Phew!

Jason had a dragon tattoo outlined a while ago, today we did some shading and some red

My next one was a bit unusual ( for me, it’s not does happen you know  😆 )
John wanted the figure of Icarus, who according to ancient greek legend tried to escape from prison by making wings out of feathers and wax. Unfortunately he flew to close to the sun and the wax melted, Icarus fell into the sea and drowned.
I have never seen an Icarus tattoo before, but it was a popular theme for paintings in days gone by, illustrating folly and failed ambition, and giving a mighty fine excuse to paint the male nude.

It makes a nice tattoo and a great excuse to tattoo the male nude, this piece is based in turn on a 16th-century painting ‘Landscape with the Fall of Icarus’, traditionally but perhaps erroneously attributed to Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

We are not finished with this yet, the water will have more detail and there will be more shading here and there, but you get the idea

my next two pieces, done in Glasgow, involved mostly colour.
Ryan is getting a snow queen sleeve, the story is the classic Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale where the lonely Snow Queen abducts a young boy to her icy queendom, leaving the wee boy’s friend to roam the earth looking for him.
This particular version is illustrated by the incredibly talented artist Vladyslav Yerko, check out more of it here

we are working on Ryan’s upper part of the sleeve, leading down to the forearm, which is already tattooed with the bit where the two kids find each other again. (This was done by Lesley before she left Tribe and moved back to France). We are now looking at bridging the gap between the snowy top and the earthy bottom section, so we added a small village with snowy roofs from which we will introduce more earthy things the further down we go.

also in Tribe 2 for some colour was Hazel, what started as mainly a cover up of an old dagger piece, but has since spread like a beautiful garland down her back and onto her side  😀

Fast forward through the weekend and watch a sped up version of me drinking wine and listening to loud music at bannermans, sleeping, walking dogs with Didi in the park, watching crap tv, finishing the portrait of Roz and getting prepped for work for the week…..
then back at tribe 3 I worked on leigh’s waterfall sleeve some more.
We added a tree frog and a butterfly, elements chosen by her sons Josh and Zak, and some more water to the design. We just ran out of time, and there are a couple of leaves still to be finished off next to the peony. I’ll be doing that last wee bit at the Edinburgh tattoo convention, when it will be time for the shy leigh to show off her inner extrovert  😉

next i finished off Neil’s Titin inspired tattoo, the pocket watch with the shadowy spirit of the ancestors and the cobweb. neil knows what all this means, but if you want to know you’ll have to ask him, as I don’t know enough about the story unfortunately.
I’m not even sure if the spirit of the ancestors is a goody or a baddy, looks a bit nefarious to me, but I’ve been known to have been a bad judge of character.

and mark got some shading in his epic dragon, it’s starting to hang together now that it’s easier to read which bit is dragon and which background.
This always takes a while with big pieces like this

On this day we had a strange power cut to the lights in the front shop, just the lights, which was fine until it got dark, then laura had to resort to lighting candles, I suspect the goth in her quite enjoyed it!

back in Glasgow I had an exciting new project to start, Davie wanted a samurai and it was all pretty much up to me how I wanted to do it. I had the whole arm to play with, no cover up or anything, just virgin skin!
I went nice and big because i could
Plenty more to go on this of course, but we made a good start

Paula got a butterfly to go with her flowers (ignore the bits of purple stencil next to the butterfly, they will come off) and we added some colour to the dress type thing her cute fairy is wearing, it looked a bit unfinished next to all the colourful flowers