This weekend is the Scottish tattoo convention, exciting for us as it’s in edinburgh and we don’t have far to travel, that makes it all a whole lot easier! Looking forward to seeing lots of Tribers out there showing off their ink, and saying hello to us at our booths!

After the convention we’ve got two guests working, As last year we’ve got Dan henk working in Tribe 3, chat to him at the convention if you are looking for work, although he’s bound to be pretty booked up (last i heard he still had space on friday 4th may)
and in Glasgow we’ve got heather gee working, she used to work at Tribe 2, but has been in Oz for a few years now, and has settled in norwich now that she’s back in the UK. If you’d like work by her, chat to her at the convention or speak to mark in Tribe 2, he is handling her bookings.

And oh yes, our Italina Sisters are in Tattoo Revolution! Raffi and Bru have an article written about them, out in this months’ edition, ready for sale at the convention- chuffed! Check it out

Onto what I’ve been up to, and i had a spell of japanese style pieces, no big surprise there  😆

Holly wanted a dragon to go from her shoulder blade onto her arm, so we had fun drawing it on to fit that part of her. It’s going to have colour, blue mostly, with black and grey background to set it off

and then a koi, Tony still needed his tattoo finished, and some nice bright yellows and oranges were called for

the next day in glasgow i had a short notice cancellation, too short notice to get it filled…..
John showed up, though, and we had big plans for this session, to get the rest of the design outlined. Well, the rest of the originally planned design, it’s now gong to be extended past what was first envisaged, as John  got more and more into the idea of lots of coverage. it’s a big tattoo as it is, specially as it’s his first!

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