I know it’s considered uncool to talk about the weather (in journalistic terms, does this blog count as journalism..?) but… how beautiful has it been??

Now i do get sent maps of the world from the nice people at wordpress, to show me where people are reading my blog, so i know that there are some who are not living in the UK (Uganda! Philippines! Paraguay! so strange  😀 )
so I will explain for your benefit: Winter in Scotland is cold and wet, and devoid of any colour. Just grey and browns, with the odd flash of blue sky, but that’s rare. So, when spring starts and flowers pop up and blossom, the effect is quite overwhelming, some years I wonder if all that greyness for a few months is worth it, just for that mad rush you get when you see sun and colours again for the first time.
Today was one of those days  😀

on friday I had Stewart in for some colour of his own, after having swithered for a while, he decided he needed that chrysanthemum coloured after all. Maybe it’s a side effect of spring!
Stewart had had some lasering to some maori style work done by another artist, but we’d decided to keep some of it and build up from there, in case you were wondering about the lower part of the tattoo. The windbars where there already, too, so we went with the japanese theme for the rest

And then David was in, he’d decided to do something about that old skin graft scar on his arm. He’d scolded himself as a youngster and skin had been grafted from his leg onto his arm, leaving a very bumpy and uneven texture.
I drew a koi piece onto him, where the skin of the graft is disguised with water and shading. It’s going to be black and grey, with flashes of colour in the maple leaves

the next day I was working in Glasgow, Ryan was in to get some more of his snow queen sleeve done. Now we’re filling in the gaps, the main story is told, the characters represented, so now we’re having fun with background detail. We have so much reference material from the illustration in the book, it’s a case of pick the best artwork for the job, today we decided we needed some pigeons  😀

and dave needed a volcano, as you do…
not finished with it yet, though


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