In the Southside in Tribe 1 today, continuing the piece on Sam we started a few months ago. Originally a cover up of a small chinese symbol, it has plans to grow all over her back  😀

and then another dragon was born/ hatched, on Andy’s back. We decided to pretty much just work around the older piece of tribal that was there, it’s nice and central and not really a problem, so we didn’t bother trying to cover it, which would have resulted in a rather heavy black bit in the design.
Instead I designed a relatively symmetrical, coiled dragon to occupy the top of the back, keeping the tribal piece  at the top of the piece.

and speaking of dragons, mark got some colour added to his  😀

the next day I was back working in my main haunt, tribe 3. Conversations sometimes flow freely in the back room at tribe3, when we’re not deep in thought and concentrating, and today was particularly chatty. saturdays can be pretty silly to be honest, with the boys gearing up for a weekend of fun and partying, and the customers joining in

My first customer wasn’t able to add to the silliness, as I was tattooing her chest and she had to remain silent to stay still. We are starting on a skull and roller derby skates piece, and as Tracy has become a mother to two girls in the last year, some cuteness was included. This will be colourful and fun, something a bit different for me   😀

and then more colourfulness, Ruaraidh is finally getting his flowers and belly scales coloured in! Still some colour to go, but what a transformation

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