foo dog! It’s been a while since i’ve done one, and i like doing them. this one is to look more like a statue, less japanese stylised, but we ran out of time before finishing it. There is some other stuff going on, we’re extending an existing dragon into a half sleeve, so he’ll be back

Another ongoing piece after that, Bryan had been in last year in summer I think, when we started a sleeve around his old tribal piece.
Bryan works offshore and it’s hard for him to get a booking to get tattooed, because he doesn’t know when he’s out in the Atlantic far enough in advance to get booked in with me. That’s why it’s been so long between sessions.
Never mind, we will get there in the end

the next day I was glasgow bound, first up was Bobby. We’re working on a music themed sleeve, all images are from bands that Bobby loves, and other music related designs. Today we started to head of his guitar, still some shading to go, but this is the bones of it

And John got his first bit of colour!

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