Decided to pop all three days this week into one blog instead of a piddly one day blog and a normal one. Since I’ve been doing two day blogs, doing a one day blog seems feeble  😆

wednesday in Glasgow was mostly taken up with Josh’s piece. If you’ve been following this blog you’ll have been watching it come together, it’s hard to explain what’s going on here, as it’s more of a mood than a narrative. I love it, a bit ‘northern goth’ (just made that one up), moody and stark, with some destruction thrown in. The rune we carved into the broken wood today is the rune for ‘destruction’. We’re discussing adding an owl on the chest, love it!

Paula got a lily on her waist, it’s just the lonely looking start of a bigger piece going up her side, and tying in with the tattoos on her stomach and hip. Eventually it will form a big sweep across her body, with grey shading in the background.

Friday I was back in Tribe 3, working on two arms, Alan’s and Simon’s.
Alan is getting to the end of his dragon sleeve, it’s taken it’s sweet time with all those wee scales, but we are getting the result we were after. We set out to do a pretty abstract and uncluttered design, with repetitive, chunky waves and a strongly patterned dragon. A modern twist on the traditional japanese.

another ongoing project, Simon’s cover up, is still going to take more time than we had at that sitting, it’s going to be black and grey mostly, with some hints of colour where we need to, because of left over colour from the lasering of his old pieces. We are working up to the final shade of the cover-up sections slowly, to avoid having to go any darker than we absolutely have to.

Back in Glasgow the next day, working on james’ cover up. There had also been some lasering going on here before we started, and you can still see bits of it in the photo. This is mainly due to the fact that the old tattoos were raised up and angry from having been tattooed over, this will settle down and the old tattoos will disappear into the new piece. I will have james in for a quick session to make sure we got the shading just right to get rid of the last of the old tattoos, if need be we can add some shading here and there. As with Simon’s piece, it’s better to ease your way up to how dark it really needs to be, rather than go darker than necessary.
Simon is now talking of taking this tattoo down to the wrist. Good man.

Last up was darren and his piper sleeve, and damn me, I’ve come away with another terrible set of pictures of it! I’m cursed with my photography on this one, I don’t think I’ve shown you a decent picture of this piece yet!

We started on a bit of colour, again, where the lasering left some residual colours it can’t deal with, this was factored in from the beginning and we decided to go quite strong with the colours, except we ran out of time. To be continued…


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