there’s a serious case of man flu going about! I’m lucky I’m not a man, and therefore it hasn’t been affecting me as badly, but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather myself. I hope I’ve not passed it on to the wonderful men I was tattooing over the last few days, is it possible for a woman to give someone man flu?
I apologise if I did. Hopefully I’m over it now.

My first potential man flu victim was gareth, it was time to start a new piece, a phoenix on his leg. This will go well with the colourful dragon and koi sleeve he already has. It’s outlined mainly in red, in case you’re wondering why it looks different.

After that i had two sleeves in, the first one was Dean, in for some finishing touches on his kois sleeve, apart from the gap we left under his upper arm (to be filled in at a later date when he’s decided what with), Dean is done!
shame the photos are blurry. Maybe he’ll be back at some point soon..

and Alan got some blue in his dragon, the crest is now done and it’s starting to look quite colourful. There will be some yellow, too, in the flower.

the next day in Glasgow John got more done to his backpiece/ shoulder pieces, still on the grey shading here, but it will be colourful eventually, too.
this is John’s first tattoo, but he suits being heavily tattooed, so I’m glad we’re bashing on!

and then for something completely different, an old cassette!  😆
it’s part of Bobby’s evolving music sleeve

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