joining me at Tribe 1 today was martin, booked in for the whole day  😯
It’s amazing what you can get done in a whole day, but it’s tough n the skin. Today we added on to a dragon 1/2 sleeve we started last year. We got all the drawing, outlining and a lot of the shading done on the forearm and elbow, then the skin had got quite sore so we moved up to the dragon for the last two hours. The dragon got some blues put in, the start of what will be a more muted colour scheme we have planned for the whole thing.

the next day i was in tribe 3 with the whole gang there, apart from Nik. Nik works in the Auld Hoose behind the bar in the evening and on some saturdays, so if you’d like to chat to him about getting apprentice tattoos, go and pop your head in there. He is a great artists and is taking to tattooing like a duck to water. He is also to be found in Tribe 3 most weekdays.

I had ruaraidh in to get more shading, his sleeve is starting to come together  😀

and speaking of sleeves, Sam from Shetland decided to go a full sleeve with her japanese flowers. We got the whole thing planned out and outlined, with some shading where we had time

  1. I LOVE my arm 🙂 just wish it wasn’t going to be so long til I can get it coloured! I want it now haha, thanks again Morag for an amazing tattoo and top notch animal rights chat x

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