Stewart was after a half sleeve with a maple tree and some swallows, there will also be a pin up around the back of the arm and a nautical compass, this may seem like a fairly random selection of ideas, but Stewart is out at see for long periods of his time, and these are things that matter to him.
We got the tree and the outline of the swallows done, but it’s a good start.
It’s going to be a long project, trying to get Stewart an appointment is hard as he doesn’t know his time onshore, apart from living in Spain   😆
We will get there eventually.


After that Chris got some colour in the flowers we outlined last time, we are adding to a piece around the front of his arm, which he had done in another studio.
more shading and detail to go on this one


The next day was Glasgow for me, and another tree piece!
Josh likes all things Viking, and specially this particular carved viking boat which is in an Oslo museum. he has researched it and seen it, so we’ve included it.
Another passion of Josh’s is black metal, and the broken wood and snarled branches we have included at the bottom of the piece is a direct transciption of an image from a romanian death metal band’s album cover.

To me this piece is about the spirit of wood, living trees, carved wood and broken wood, but then I’m more ‘hippy’ than ‘black metal’  😆

This piece will be a half sleeve and will incorporate at least one viking rune carved into the roots of the tree, Josh is still deciding which one to go for.



and then for something quite different, Scott got a memorial tattoo for his mother, which was also a cover up. This is a clean and simple design, with punchy colours and soft textures.

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