Tribe 3 on friday, first up was Amy, in for a memorial tattoo for her dad.
Her dada was an electrician, and had a passion for UFOs, hence the inclusion of the plug and the little flying saucers.
While we were doing it Alex peeked over my shoulder and said ‘is that an electrical plug?’ which was confirmed. A while later he asked ‘so, what’s up with the plug?’
I told Amy to get used to it, a plug in your vintagey looking tattoo is not what people expect to see, and will undoubtedly require a fair bit of explaining  😆
her dad will live on in conversation with this piece, job done!

Also celebrating a loved one with their tattoo was cameron, he got his picture of his lovely wife finished, I’m happy to say that the wife is still very much alive.
This picture isn’t the best as there are newly tattooed (darker) bits next to healed in bits, making it look a bit uneven. Maybe cameron will let me take a photo once it’s all healed in.
We split this tattoo into two sessions as it was Cameron’s first piece, and we wanted to give him a break in case he found it really painful. In fact he was fine with it.

the next day Roz and me packed up and went through to Glasgow to work.
Dave was in to get more colour added to his hell sleeve, we are certainly getting some skin covered, but I will be adding some layers as we go along to get the desired depth.

And darren’s sleeve is getting there! One more session to finish off some leaves and other little bits and bobs and we are done! It’s been a long process, we started this piece in August and darren has been in for 4 hours a month, but before that he was getting some old work lasered which has now been covered.
I’ll make sure to get better photos of it next time, these are blurry

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