remember those strange clusters of events I was on about lately? here’s another one: two of my customers cancelled on me short notice for friday…. One was in hospital the other one couldn’t get time off work after all. Nothing you can do, really, so enjoyed my time off and didn’t swan into the studio until 3pm.
gerald got his tiger finished when I did go to work though, that was well worth coming in for  😀

the next day I worked some more on BBB’s vietnam war scene, it’s starting to take shape, but I’m looking forward to the next session where I add detail, depth and pull it all together. Finally managed to get a couple of pictures where you can actually see what’s going on

after BBB Ruaraidh was in for a nice long session and we got cracking with his grey shading

I feel this blog is lacking in pictures due to my cancelled appointments, so I’ll post this one. My mother found it in some old paperwork she was chucking out, it’s a drawing of a dog I did as a small child. I think this piece displays an early interest in dogs and in drawing, and-judging by the signature- a surprisingly healthy ego for a child  😆

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