full crew in attendance in tribe 3 on tuesday, including Nick the new boy, who is busy learning the trade.

Alex got some colour put in his peacock, the main blues are still to come, which will make it look super colourful  😀

and mark came in for more ‘scalage’ (made that one up), we should be done with all his dragon’s scales now, apart from a wee tidying up round. Looking forward to getting stuck into the structural shading next

In glasgow on wednesday I did another portrait, for someone who is concentrating on japanese and floral work, i seem to be doing a lot of portraits!
This one is of the singer Jeff Buckley, who died tragically at a young age. It’s always sad to tattoo pictures of people who have died.
This piece is part of a music themed sleeve, which will be quite eclectic, (we’ve already done a very strange surrealist piece on the forearm) it’s an amalgamation of various iconic images that define Bobby’s interest in music.

and the last tattoo of the day was scott, more music here, we added the first bar of a Biffy Clyro song to his memorial tattoo, plus some colour. One more wee session will finish this piece, we ran out of time for another couple of cherry blossoms to be filled in.

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