On friday I worked in tribe 3 with the ‘southside crew’, Rob, Tiddy and George, I’m only there once a fortnight, so it’s always good to catch up.

Lisa was in first, she looked very familiar, but I knew I’d not tattooed her before. Lisa is Cameron’s wife, and earlier in the week I’d tattooed a picture of Lisa onto Cameron, hence the familiar look of her  😆
Lisa got some orchids on her back, the plan is to extend this piece down her side, very pretty.

Chris was down from up north to get a section added to his koi piece, and I feel another cautionary tale coming on, listen..
I regularly get asked to make a tattoo bigger, come down the arm further or go up more, etc, not ONCE have I heard someone say that they feel they went to big/ far down or up etc. The moral of this tale is: just go for it, you know you want it bigger. Don’t end up having to tinker with it at a later date, it will look better if you get it done right the first time
In Chris’ case we were lucky, the design was easy to extend, and you wouldn’t know we added a bit on.

and the last customer of the day was Robbie, he’s wanted a freehand tiger, or should i say i decided to do it freehand for him, as I felt that would fit on the arm better than a tiger drawn out on paper first. the result is a tiger that moves nicely with his arm, prowling around the biceps and towards his body.
Robbie’s idea of a tiger tattoo was less realistic and quite stylised, so we stripped the design back to basics. I do like a tiger…

On saturday i was in my usual haunt of Tribe 3, and first to join me was Ruariadh, today we outlined the rest of his sleeve, finished the black scales of his tiger and with the remaining time shaded a couple of windbars. It’s coming together now, but still a lot of work to be getting on with.

and last Jayne came in for a wee cover up. this will be the beginning of a tibetan inspired piece going up her back.



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