Kicking the week off was Alex, down from Aberdeen to get some more colour put in his sealife and peacock sleeve. The octopus is now done (all those wee suckers were surprisingly time consuming!) but we had some time to get some colour into some of the peacock feathers. Nothing eye catching yet, the feathers will come into their own with the addition of bright blues and black.

I expect we will have to add some more colour into the elbow, it’s not ideal for tattooing and healing solid colour, and a couple of passes will be required.

Also in was heidi, we did a japanese style four elements 1/2 sleeve last year, but there were still a couple of wee bits needing finished off

the next day i was working through in Glasgow. Scott was in to get a memorial tattoo for his mother, it’s also a cover up, but luckily for me scott had had the old piece well lasered so that all that was left was some blue and some grey lines. These will disappear in the new design.
We’re doing grey clouds and colourful cherry blossoms, and the line that you see is the beginning of a piece of music. We only had a 2 hour session, so I didn’t want to get bogged down with detail, but tried to get the basic design and shading in place. Next time we will tackle the underside of his upper arm to make it a half sleeve, and then go back in with the detail and colour, finishing it off.

Then John got his first tattoo, and it’s only a full backpiece and chest panels  😯
I was hoping he’d be able to take the pain, because otherwise it was going to be a LOT of torture for him, all that work! You never know with tattoo virgins how they’ll take to it, but luckily John was ok with it. Phew.

We started with a koi over his shoulder, next time we’ll outline a dragon on the other shoulder and going onto his back. It’s going to be epic!

And the lovely hazel popped by to get a couple of wee flowers added to her tattoo, just to finish it off nicely

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