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My first customer of the week was Ruaraidh, we are starting on his first tattoo, only a sleeve  😆 , what happened to the ‘I’ll just get a small one to see what it’s like’ attitude?
He’s getting a dragon on the upper arm, than some flowers and a hanya mask, in clouds. We got the dragon drawn on and outlined today, Ruaraidh had ideas and reference material to support what he was after, and we made sure it was all working out for him.
I took a bit longer drawing this dragon on freehand as Ruaraidh had specific ideas about how the dragon should look and where it should go on his body. i like that, it makes the end result more individual and means that there is more of the customer’s input into their tattoo, rather than me doing my thing (don’t get me wrong, I like to do my thing  :D) but being forced to think outside the box always turns up new ideas which is exciting.
Now, I’ve been ummin and ahhing about whether to write this, I don’t want to seem like I’m moaning but I’ve decided to go for it.
This tattoo isn’t a huge departure from my usual dragon tattoos, but it illustrates this point: Ruaraidh asked me at the end of the session whether i charge for drawing time. The answer is yes.
The time i spend freehanding on the customer is work. I enjoy it, but it is none the less the result of a lot of time spent studying, practising and absorbing influences, working out problems and obsessing over what works and what doesn’t. the fact that i can get a few pens out and draw it on the arm and make it look easy belies the fact that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. I’m not charging for experimenting.

Anyway, we got this dragon outlined, and Ruaraidh took it really well, I don’t think I heard a single moan  😀

Brian was next up, he had an old tattoo on his arm that we’d talked about lasering. this piece is pretty big and dark, and brain isn’t really adverse to it as it as it represented a period in his life that he recalls fondly, I quite respect that.  I’ve got some work on me that isn’t the most cutting edge, I’d never get rid of it because of the memories it brings back, so if brian is happy to incorporate his old tattoo, so am I.

we worked some japanese style water and flowers around the existing piece, or the outlines of of the new piece, with some basic shading for now

then on wednesday I was in Glasgow, and my first customer was our very own brunella, she’s been through a lot this year, and now it was time for her to get a tattoo to mark the occasion and empower herself, I’m happy to be a part of this process!
She is getting a green man tattoo, strong, vibrant and full of the force of life, on her back  😀
just the basic sketchy outline today, with a bit of basic shading. because we can, we will be doing this in small sessions

next up was Hazel, we’d done a cover up on her back of a really old school dagger tattoo, and now she wanted to bring the stylised flowers around her ribs to help the flow and for general prettification (new word!)

Another lovely lady, Melissa got her phoenix finished and a cute bumble bee on her toe!  😀