so, the hidden gift voucher has been found. This was a bit of an experiment, hiding something in the city centre always carried the risk of someone coming across it who had no connection to tribe, a council cleaner or random bored person at the bus stop for example, which would have been an anti climax and annoying for the people who were really looking for it…
I did what i could, hid it well, covered the black box with leaves and chose a spot that no one would ever have any reason to be looking in and hoped for the best. It worked! mark with the massive dragon backpiece found it- Merry Christmas!  😀
he dropped off the box it was hidden in, here it is, looking much bigger than it really is…

now you know what you’ll be looking for next time  😉

so, on to my work, on friday I was working in tribe 1 in the Southside, and i had only one customer booked. there seemed to have been a booking error, and we had someone down who wasn’t actually booked in, when Laura phone him to confirm he was genuinely confused..oops.. our bad.
It’s December the 23rd. Laura did make half an attempt to phone people on the cancellation list, but realistically that wasn’t going to suit anyone a day before Christmas eve  😆

Kevin was in though, even afflicted with gout as he was. he said that the pain i inflicted on his arm took the pain away from his foot- I think we’ve found the cure for gout!

we’d outlined a dragon and koi last time, going over some old tattoo work tht had been lasered a bit to lighten it.
I covered some of the old pieces with a bit of orange and some grey here and there, next time he’s in we can assess what that has done and add more colour accordingly. Ah, the luxury of multiple sessions!

then on christmas eve I worked a half day in tribe 1 with laura and New Boy Nic. Nic has been covering reception for us for a while, but being a talented artist his real destiny is to be a tattooist, and the process has now started. You might see him hovering and taking an interest next time you are in Tribe 3 getting tattooed…be nice to him…

I had gerald and his mum in for a couple of hours each, gerald is getting his tiger worked on, the one that luxuriates  all down his side and gives the dragon of his backpiece a sly look.  😀

gerald’s mum has been watching her sons getting tattooed by me for about 12 years or more, and last year finally got the bug herself. For her 60th she got a sweet pea piece on her upper arm (in fact she was the first tattoo I did this year) and today (the last tattoo I did this year) she decided, to hell with it, I want it more visible and I’m going for more tattoos on my forearm  😆
Go girl!

it’s only a matter of time til we join the two pieces up and start elaborating  😉

All of you have a very merry christmas! I’m off for a week and back tattooing on the 3rd of january, so have a wonderful time until then  😀

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