20th +21st December

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You are still looking for that £50 tribe voucher, and we already know that it’s hidden in Edinburgh.
We have also talked about the need to protect graves from grave robbers and the various options to achieve that, but seeing as you don’t have to enter a graveyard to find the black tub that contains the voucher, the clever buggers that you are you will have surmised that it’s on the outside of a graveyard wall.
In fact, this guy is pointing pretty much at the gift voucher.

I had the same customer in on both day! all day!  😯  The lady in question is Egad, who has previously graced this blog when we did a Jules Verne type of sleeve, steam punky sea creatures and victoriana telling a tale of daring adventure and disaster.
Now we started another sleeve, the theme this time is more 40’s and 50’s, starting with H.G. Well’s ‘War of the Worlds’. (Terrifying Martians come to earth and set fire to it and kill everyone! First written in 1898)
In 1938, Orson Welles  took this story and read it out on radio as if it was an actual news broadcast, causing major panic as people tried to flee the invasion and landing himself in hot water for his troubles
here we have a picture of Orson reading into the microphone ( we went for a grainy 40’s feel for this picture) surrounded by illustrations of the Martians attacking earth. There will be some colour for the fire, but overall we are trying to create a sense of symmetry and echo the muted illustrative style of the other sleeve.
Most elements on this sleeve has a counter part on the other sleeve, when we are done I’ll post a synopsis of the two  😀

the other day we did the top of the sleeve, where the flying saucers attack from space, this is the more 50’s style part of the sleeve, where visions of alien beings had progressed a bit from the insect like creatures imagined by HG Wells.
I should have taken a photo after we did it, and not waited until we’d finished for two days, as you can see it’s covered in cream and has started to dry up a bit, i should have thought of that! Instead i fondly imagined that it would have lost it’s redness and look less shiny because it wasn’t just done. Wrong, sigh.

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