Gift voucher clues continued!

Edinburgh has a history of grave robbing, the new interest in anatomy and dissection in the medical universities that were thriving in 18th and 19th century Edinburgh, needed a continuous supply of fresh bodies.
If you were unlucky enough to have lost a loved one during those days, you would have been keen to prevent your loved one’s body to be dug up and sold to the universities. What were your options to protect the body in Edinburgh’s gave yards?
You could watch the grave yourself until the body was decomposed enough to make it unusable for the dissectors. You could hire an armed guard to do this for you if you were flush. You could build walls with watch towers around the grave yard, cover the grave with heavy stone slabs or metal cages… all dependant on your finances. But then it had to look good, too. this site tells you more if you are interested in the subject, and for the purpose of the search for the gift voucher I’d like to encourage you to think about protecting bodies and graves, with an eye on aesthetics, too.

The gift voucher is folded up and in a smallish round black tub, about 7 cm high and wide. You will not need to enter a grave yard to find it.
Still baffled? keep watching this space, as i will keep elaborating until someone has found it….

Alright, onto my work for he last 2 days! I had me a floral day in Tribe 3 on friday  😀
these things tend to come in bunches (bada boom)

first I did these primroses and blue bells, adding onto the piece we’ve been working on to wind it’s way up Justine’s back, with a couple of bumble bees, too

then Jennifer wanted to make a start on some roses flowing down her back and onto the front of her hip, we managed to outline 3, shade 2 and add some grey shading

the next day it was Glasgow for me and Roz, and my first customer was dave, who was suitably attired with a black santa hat saying ba humbug on it  😆

we are working on the background to his hell bird, the volcano and rocky horizon is mapped out and we’ve got our work cut out! this is going to be a fiery, desolate landscape with burning hell bugs flying around. yey!  😈

Tom got his backpiece finished!!  😯  Apart from a finishing session where I tweak wee bits here and there, it’s done. I am really pleased with it, now i just need to get some good pictures once it’s all healed

last in for the week was darren, we worked on the back ground to his piper sleeve, incorporating his love for motor bikes, and the open road, the final section of this piece will be some scottish scenery on the top of the arm, with Stirling castle and Glencoe featuring

so, today we’re off to celebrate Christmas, Tribe style! For the first time we’ve got everyone from Glasgow AND edinburgh together, and we’re going for a meal and some drinks, all 20 of us  😆
wish us luck, may the best man or woman be the last one standing!

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