13th + 14th december

Posted: 15/12/2011 in morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

Clue Time!
Here’s the next bit of information for the gift voucher hunt, the tribe gift voucher for £50 has been hidden and it’s up to you to find it…
We’ve established that it’s in Edinburgh.
These characters are your next clue

these two charmers areBurke and Hare, two notorious grave robbers in Edinburgh who were executed in 1828 for their troubles http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burke_and_Hare_murders

Don’t worry, you will NOT be expected to rob any graves to find this gift voucher, tribe does not condone or encourage the act of grave robbing etc etc,no matter how skint you are. I do, however, encourage you to think about graves….

Oh yes, in case you were thinking of bribing one of the weaker members of the tribe staff to reveal the secret hiding place, forget it! They don’t know where it’s stashed, only me. And I’m incorruptible

ok, onto the blog, on tuesday my one customer was Emma, she’d booked the day for her two portraits. As she lives in Ireland she was keen to get both of them done in one day to save on travelling, smart thinking if you don’t mind getting tattooed for long periods, that is. (terrible idea if you can’t take it and have to tap out halfway through.)

these two are her husband and cute young son

the next day I worked in Glasgow, Ian had been in to get a piece with clouds and a flag (his dad is american) and he wanted the edges to be more defined, originally I’d left them very soft and blended into the skin, so today we added some shading to make it more of a panel

Also in was Ryan, we started the next section of his snow queen sleeve. This part today is of the snow queen just after she’s snatched a wee boy and wrapped him in her coat, she steals him because she’s lonely, but of course he gets rescued in the end. that happens further down the arm  😉
her hat and cloak are very detailled and icy blue looking, that will contrast nicely with the warm skin tones.
next time I hope to get a better photo of it, it’s hard to get some decent light on the underside of the upper arm

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