sunny South side and Tribe 1 for me! 😀

We started a dragon piece on jason, he wanted me to include a cala lily, which I did at the top of the shoulder, unusual choice but I like it!

then Andrew got a rose on his arm, in black and grey to go with the other tattoos on his arm. usually he gets tattoos in far away foreign countries as souvenirs, but this tattoo is of personal significance and not a travel souvenir, so a less exotic Scotland was sufficient  😉

Tiddy had enjoyed getting festive in Tribe 1, the place is bristling with tinsel and fake icicles to get you in the mood, but of course with a touch of Tiddy’s style, those googly eye mirror baubles are inspired  😆

and either Rob or george is responsible for this bit of naughty silliness

Laura in Tribe 3 however likes to keep it understated and classy  😆

and Tribe 3 was where I was working on the saturday, starting off with some more work to BBB’s vietnam war picture. Ignore the sketched in outline of a figure, that’s not permanent, just a rough guide for today’s session which will wash off

And gerald got a new piece, we’re adding a tiger to his backpiece, which was done in a stylised and bold style, so the new tiger is along the same lines. I do like a tiger, me.

and Amy popped in for a quick adjustment to her sleeve, we’d decided to darken the grey fade out at the bottom of her piece to show off the snowflakes better

now, we are giving away a £50 gift voucher this Christmas! Yes, but you will have to hunt for it, as we will be hiding it  😈
It will be in Edinburgh, that’s your first hint.
More hints will follow, on here and on our facebook page
add us for updates, (and to stay up to date with our news in general, the artists post new work on there as it’s a lot easier to do than on the website)

happy hunting!

  1. morag66 says:

    This is your 86th published post. Groovy! This post has 427 words.

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