on tuesday only had one customer in, Alex from Aberdeen. I did have another customer boked in, but we couldn’t get a hold of him to confirm his appointment, there was no deposit paid and we were a bit suspicious about whether he was going to show up. In fact we’d already given a few of his later appointments to other customers because we’d lost faith in him showing up, but still, we kept his first one for him in case he did show up saying something along the lines of ‘I’ve been off shore, didn’t realise you wanted to contact me, been waiting for this appointment for months!’ etc etc, but alas. No show.
Why oh why can’t people just cancel their appointment? We’re not going to be upset, honest! We’d MUCH rather know as far in advance as possible, to avoid this kind of annoyance and to be able to offer the appointment to someone else.

So, Alex had the whole day, and we were able to take it easy, start a bit later and run over. He had a train to catch, so we had to call it a day in time for that.

got the octopus started, it’s going to be bright red with orangey undersides to the tentacles, also finished the gray shading.

the the next day i was in Glasgow, as per usual on a wednesday, natalie had her second session on her peacock, we’re breaking it into smaller sessions now as she really suffered the last time, this is more manageable

And bobby got the first ingredient of his music themed sleeve done, it’s a piece of surrealist art from the musician Nick Drake’s album cover. Wonderfully far out there, you’ve got to love the wee tea cup and the clown face!  😆

  1. morag66 says:

    This is your 85th published post. Hunky-dory! This post has 363 words

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