Stewart was my first customer on friday, we’d started a ‘lee’ (the bit in between a sleeve) an now we are getting on with the rest of it, some shading still to finish here and there, and also Stewart is still debating whether to add a bit of colour to the chrysanthemum in the crook of the elbow. It doesn’t need it, the shape of it stands out enough against the background (sometimes a bit of colour adds structure where it can be useful in an otherwise confusing black and grey piece) but it might look nice. we’ve also added a bit of pink to two of the cherry blossoms and the lotus, so it would fit in should he decide to go for it.

then i had a unscheduled break due to a cancellation, where I unwisely decided to go up to the bank. The town was heaving with christmas shoppers, and by the time i reached the bank i was ready to murder someone. I’ll make sure i do all my christmas shopping online I think, best for everyone!

then our rhino was in for a couple of hours of colouring, I’d calmed back down by then of course  😉

next day Roz and me piled into her wee car and she drove us through to Glasgow where it’s officially Christmas since we installed our black christmas tree with the blue lights and sparkly skeletons and skull baubles.. festive!

And speaking of festive, may I plug our gift vouchers? get them for your friends or get your friends to get them for you. get them or we’ll get you, get it?:D Makes perfect sense.

I had a strange one in next, Ross had a geisha started by another artist who had since left the country, so i was finishing it off for him. The face is a portrait of his wife, i think I’ll need to finish it as I don’t think it was completed at the time, so I’m covering it in the picture in case the casual viewer thinks I did it. I’ll show you the finished result once I’m done with it, today I concentrated on the kimono which had only been outlined up until now

My last customer was kenny, we are in the middle of an elaborate cover up job, Roz is still lasering the piece we are covering, but I’ve put the new tattoo around it already, so she knows where to do some precision lasering to lighten just the necessary bits

  1. morag66 says:

    whenever i post a new blog, the charming people at wordpress have a new word for me. this time it’s sly! 🙂

    ‘This is your 84th published post. Sly! This post has 497 words.’

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