just one day’s work this blog, i had wednesday booked off for family stuff.

My one day i spent in tribe 3 with the usual suspects, Alex, erik and laura, plus two of my customers, Alex and Mark.

Alex was in two weeks ago when we started a 3/4 sleeve with a peacock, an octopus and some terrapins, in a japanese style with water. i love this piece, something a bit different   😀

got some of the shading done today, sorry about the blurry pictures. i suspect there was a great big greasy finger print on the lens….

Mark was in for a couple of hours on his monumental backpiece, we are still working on the scales

That’s it! I’d forgotten how quick one day blogs were to write  😆

the reason I started writing two day blogs was for youse who have subscribed to this blog as opposed to the peeps who follow it on our forum, i didn’t want to pop up in your inbox all the time and annoy you, so I thought twice a week would be better. I’ve got quite used to it!

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