Friday in Tribe 3 started with Stewart, a customer of rozannes for some lasering, and now that she’d lightened the undesired part of his tattoo sufficiently, it was time for me to take over.
he had some maori work done abroad by different artists, and he liked the first section but felt that what was added to it was poor.ย  So, Roz lasered the upper section and left the band at the bottom, it was to form the base of the new tattoo.

I’m struggling to come up with a decent name for this placement… it’s not a half or 3/4 sleeve as it doesn’t go up to the shoulder, it’s not a forearm piece… what is it?ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

next up was Alan, we finally finished the scales on his dragon, and added some shading here and there. It’s looking like it’s nearing completion, this one took a good while as the scales are so time consuming

On saturday Roz and me drove through to Glasgow, we had a full house there(Mark, Simon, Tim, Raffi, Bru, Roz and me) and at one point was wondering if we had enough chairs! Mark was kept on his feet all day, looking after us all and our customers, and doing the piercing, too! Tribe 2 really comes into it’s own when it’s firing on all cylinders like thatย  ๐Ÿ˜€

My day started with Dave, who hadn’t been in for a while due to work commitments and today was a shorter than usual session. we got some of the yellows and oranges into the background of his evil bird, which is the first part of his sleeve about fire, negativity and compulsion- the opposite of his nice watery, cute animal sleeve on the other arm.

Tom came in for two hours, too, and we got to within one session of finishing his backpiece, some more shading in the rocks the tiger is standing on, and some general tidying up and we’ll be done!

Darren got another section of his piper themed sleeve, this piece is growing, but it’s not really going to make much sense until it’s all in place, so you’ll have to wait until the end to see how it all fits together.
Today we added a picture of darren himself, on his motorbike, riding off into the distance

  1. Emma Plant says:

    RE: Stewart’s tattoo placement- Considering I’m about to get you to do one on me I thought I’d do a poll among my mates and see what they reckoned, suggestions included:

    a cuff
    a band
    a Tesco value sleeve
    a lee (the middle bit of ‘sleeve’)
    …as you can see my mates are all smart asses!?!
    Either way I look forward to planning out my ‘lee’ with you as soon as I can get down from Gairloch!


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