starting the week off was dean, he’d not been in for a while, but his japanese sleeve still needed some colour and shading. It’s now almost done, but we’ve just got to tweak a few things here and there and finish the colour off
sorry about the bad photos

Another customer who had not been in for a while was sadie, last year (!) we’d made a start on covering her stars with stylised roses. The stars were the only tattoo Sadie felt she’d rushed into without thinking about it, and now she felt it was lacking something. The roses go better with her other sleeve, which is of stylised cherry blossoms, also no black and lots of pinks  😀

the next day was weegie wednesday, and ‘welcome back Bru’ day, too! She’s been in Italy for far too long, but now she’s back and had a load of custom work lined up, so she’ll be up into the wee hours drawing her amazing artwork for people.

my first customer was Greg, we did the finishing touches to his first tattoo, a sleeve of roses, a skull and some filigree

next up was Scott, who isn’t a scot at all, he’s from belfast. Last time he was in I’d bluffed my way through most of our conversations, but today I’d decided to come clean and confess that i can’t understand most of what he’s saying.. he was very graceful and made me feel better by saying that he gets told that a lot.

Scott had a half sleeve started by Didi while he was still working for us, he now decided he wanted colour added to it


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