On friday i went to the Southside to work in Tribe 1, I’m only there once a fortnight so it’s always good to see Rob, George and Tiddy.

Pauline got a pin up started by me two years ago, and hadn’t been back to get it finished as life took various turns for her and she had more than enough on her plate, these things happen, I’m just glad she managed to come in for the piece to get finished.
The brief was a voluptuous pin up in a chef’s jacket with black stilettos, and the rest was pretty much up to me. Fun!

then greg was in to get his first tattoo, a koi on his calf. There will be some colour in the koi and the cherry blossoms of course.
I know that cherry blossoms and koi jumping upstream are not something that happen at the same time of the year, or that it’s a combination that is used in traditional japanese art. I know. I’m doing it anyway, and i like it  😛

then on saturday i was in tribe 3, with a full house of Alex, erik, Roz and nic, who was standing in for laura, who had the day off. Nic is learning the ropes on reception, so if you see him there, don’t be surprised if your complicated questions are met with a bit of confusion instead of the slick professionalism you’re used to  😆

Brad was in again, we made a start on the next section of his Vietnam war scene, very basic for now, more to come of course

also making an appearance was Malcolm, last time he was in we covered an old tattoo with a koi, today we cntinued but are not quite done yet

and Roddy got some black added to the polynesian style composition around his knee, next time we’ll add the detail and finalise the shapes.


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