I started the week with a new project, Alex was down from Inverness for a 5hr stint under the needle, he had ideas that ranged from a peacock to an octopus over various sea creatures, a butterfly and a daisy  😆
Nae bother, found space for two terrapins, too! Alex has long arms, being a tall person, so plenty of space to crazy on. Outlines and a basic bit of shading done today, he’ll be back in two weeks for the next instalment

Gareth had a sleeve done nearly 2 years ago, and finally came in to get the last tiny bit of shading done on his chest, it only took an hour  😆

then in Glasgow i tattooed Sam, she got a picture of her gran living it up at a holiday camp in the 50’s, her gran sounds like a hell raiser, some people just know how to live! Good for her

I also had Martin in getting a wee bit of colour touched up on his nightmare before christmas tattoo that’s been a good few years in the making and finally got finished a while ago.  I didn’t take pictures of it, I’ve had photos of it in my portfolio before last- that’s how long it’s been on the go  😀

Mark and me were spending some time working on the new website, it’s starting to come together and I’m not saying too much yet, but it’s based on one of gerry Gapinski’s photo montages of ‘Edinburgh’, if anyone remembers the art exhibition we had in Tribe a couple of years ago, they will know what I’m talking about, everyone else will just have to wait and see….

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