it’s Movember, dear people, I’m hoping to see some weird and wonderful moustaches on our male customers, all in the name of charity of course!

sporting no moustache (yet) was Tom the marine biologist who got his octopus tattoo finished. This was a load of fun to do, the googly eyes perched on Tom’s shoulder and the wriggly legs writhing all around, placement was key in the piece.
It doesn’t take a great photo, like most pieces that enhance the movement of the wearer, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Or ask Tom out for a drink and get him to take his top off and demonstrate  how his tattoo moves 😉

then more black and grey, boxer Kenny is still working on his sleeve of lilies, we have to fit the tattooing in around his training camps for fights so progress has been a bit haphazard. Now it’s starting to take shape properly though, and like Tom’s tattoo it looks best when in motion. The lilies and stems follow Kenny’s muscles and joints, twisting and popping when he moves his arm.
You wont need to ask Kenny out for a drink to see his arm in action, he’ll be defending his Celtic title on the 10th of december- just get yourself down to Portobello Town hall and watch him  😀 (there will be a few of us Tribers there)

The next day Roz and me were in Glasgow, my first customer was Melissa, she wanted a bird like a phoenix on her leg, we got most of it done, except one of the wings and the colour in the background. Although this is a mostly black and grey piece, Melissa fancies some coloured shading in the background i think it will look great, unusual

Then David got his 3/4 sleeve finished, we just had some bits and pieces to tidy up, and there it was. It was developed in stages as david took it further up and down his arm, but we managed to keep the design bold and fluid and it works as a single piece


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