I had a major short notice cancellation today, so I only tattooed for 2 hours today  😯 but actually it came as a bit of a relief, i really needed some time to do my prep for the week.
The Glasgow studio is in the process of having to renew the license, and it’s a time consuming and tedious pain in the neck that swallowed my drawing time for the week. So, having tuesday practically off was a blessing in disguise.

I did have Scott in to add some finishing touches to his warrior sleeve, now we just have to wait for the lasering to do it’s bit on the upper section where there is an old and failed cover up attempt (by another artist) that I’ll be sorting.

Wednesday i went through to Glasgow as i do, for a day of nice girly tattoos.
Natalie had contacted me about getting a peacock tattoo on her back, with some cherry blossom branches in the background, and hoping to incorporate and cover some of her existing wee tattoos.
I got as far as outlining the peacock, but natalie had to tap out after that. I think she wasn’t quite expecting it to be as intense as it was, as her other tattoos are very small by comparison. Well, now we know, and I’ll be suggesting some numbing cream to help the process, otherwise we will maybe have bitten off more than we can chew.


Later that day paula got some colour added to her flowers, this piece is starting to come together, and is doing it’s job of covering up scars well. there will be some background shading to tie it all together


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