I was working at Tribe 1 today, and my mission was to convince Rob to take a stall at the Edinburgh tattoo convention next march (the applications need to be in already!) I think his style as an artist and person is really unique and creative. As a tattooist his style is bold and decorative, as an artist and photographer he has a real eye for the macabre and twisted. If you have never seen his ‘dollies’, here are a couple for your enjoyment  😈
(He’s agreed to work the convention I’m happy to say, now the rest of us have to worry about being upstaged by his stall decorations!!)


anyway, I got cracking with scales, Alan’s dragon was looking a bit naked, and still is in places… those scales take time, and we’re not done yet!
Sorry about the pictures, I don’t think i can take them next to the window, too much cool light coming in…

Next up was martin, he wanted a half sleeve in black and grey, he liked a lot of drama and movement in his piece, just so happens to be my favourite, too  😀

We got a load done for the first session, it’s all still a bit rough round the edges, but the adorable regular reader will know that that is how I like to work, refinement will come during the following sessions.

My saturday was spent in Tribe 3 with the regular crew of Alex, erik, laura and Roz, and my first customer was katie, we still had one rose to finish off.
This new one looks a bit more orangey, but the thing about red is that it heals a bit darker than it goes in usually, so I’ll let it heal and look at it again then. Any necessary adjustments to the colour will be easy providing it is too light or orange, if it were too dark, we’d have a problem! I like to err on the side of caution.

then Brad came in to get some more work done to the piece we started at the last Edinburgh tattoo convention, it’s based on a photo of a battle field in the Vietnam war, and it’s a part of his ‘protest’ themed leg tattoo. This is going to be a large piece covering his whole leg, Brad is booked in regularly from now on, and it will be cool to see it all develop, he’s got some great ideas for this.

Another old regular is Roddy, we started another section of his polynesian body suit, having pretty much covered his torso, we are now moving down the leg. It was time consuming making the design fit the knee, a notoriously difficult part of the body to fit a pattern onto, so we just had time to outline the basic shapes. I will be blocking in and making final adjustments before adding the detail, as things might change slightly once we see the negative shapes.

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