the new week started off with lee in tribe 3, last time she was in, we tattooed a couple of japanese style peonies over an old skin graft. They have healed up well, ans now lee is so happy at not having to hide her forearm any more, that she wants to continue with the theme up her whole arm, and then the other one  😀
Not bad for a first timer! She just wishes she’d done it ages ago, those scars have been an embarrassment to her and now she’s got something she’s proud of instead, that’s a great turn about.

We will be adding leaves to the background of the new flowers and still have a couple of the leaves from the first session to colour.

then peggy was finally in to get the last of the tiny bit of background shading put in his horror sleeve. The wee face looking at you there is Oona O’Connor, a  figure that pops up in the background of horror movies from back in the day, she played the role of the terrified onlooker. I think she’s my favourite part of the whole sleeve  😆

I also had Mark in, he who is getting the humungous dragon on his back, but completely forgot to take a photo. Oh well, he will be back. ( See what I did there)

The I had a weegie wednesday, starting off with derek  and his dragon Berhard (named by his wee daughter, who went from not liking it, to naming it and now trying to talk to it  😆 )

we’re done with this apart from a wee touch up session where I’ll check how everything has settled around the elbow area, always a tricky one. We’ve already established that his elbow doesn’t take the ink particularly well, a combination of tough skin and lots of movement during the healing.

I’ve taken a load of pictures to give you a better idea, always hard to photograph a sleeve

Last I had Ian in, and his tribute to his american dad, we added some script to the piece and extended the clouds

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