I’ve got a load of photos for you today, and they are all black and grey! Not a drop of colour in two days’ work, how’s that for a strange coincidence, not even a wee pink cherry blossom anywhere  😆

starting it off was Joanne, in for her first tattoo, and she’s not messing, straight in there with a large piece on her upper arm. This is a really unusual choice of design, it’s Fred Astair and Ginger Roberts dancing. Joanne is into the old school glamour and these two are just that personified. I love it!
Not finished yet, as it was her first tattoo and she lives locally, we decided to break it up into two sessions

then Ross got his phoenix finished, this piece is also unusual, due to the placement Ross had chosen. After our initial consultation for this piece I said I’d need to think it over and try a couple of sketches on paper first to see if I thought it would work, but having thought about it I decided it would make a great tattoo, and the placement makes it really different

Not an easy one to photograph, it’s one of those pieces that looks best when seen on the person and in motion.

the next day was spent working in Glasgow for me, James got another part of his traditional dragon coloured in, plenty of scales here, next session will be the background and other shading, plus there will be some red

and then darren finished off my black and grey bonanza with his piper piece, we did some more work on the main figure, the tartan plaid.


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