back at work in tribe 3 after my adventures out in the big wide world (Leamington Spa! Hamburg! Who said i don’t live dangerously  😆 ) and it was good to see wee laura, Erik and Alex again.

My customer for the day was Thorsten, to continue a piece I’d started in Hamburg the LAST time I was working at Jungbluth studio there. He’d booked a flight etc as soon as we’d completed the last section, and by that time I hadn’t booked my next trip to Hamburg yet, otherwise i could have tattooed him closer to his home. Oh well, a wee city break in beautiful Edinburgh never harmed anyone. Thorsten also got some really good deals, by flying with Ryanair from Bremen (close to Hamburg) and staying in a hotel called easy hotel, he really didn’t spend much.
In fact, he probably would have spent the same amount getting tattooed in Hamburg paying Jungbluth studio prices!

Last time we’d done a cute voodoo koala bear sitting in a tree shaped like a women, and today we continued with the theme of being governed by outside forces. We added two puppets to the composition, one male and one female grim reaper, and also some thistles to continue the plant part of the composition, but with a scottish twist

next time we’ll probably work on the bit of background we have left behind the puppets, and also Thorsten has a ton of other ideas we can dip into to bring the piece further down the arm.
I apologise for the photos, i took them with Erik’s camera phone as I’d left mine at home

I also had Duncan in, we did a sleeve a while ago that has a few empty scrolls as part of the composition, the idea being that they will get filled in with lettering and numbers (in this case) as significant events unfold in Duncan’s life. great idea!

This photo was taken with Duncan’s phone, thank you for forwarding it Duncan!

Then on wednesday the usual trip to Glasgow, to work with Mark, Simon, and Raffi! yey, Raffiraf is back from Italy  😀

Tom got some colour in his tiger! Colour and attitude.

and melissa needed some work done on her foot tattoo, which had been done by another studio. She wasn’t happy with the leaves in particular, and the way the seemed overly dominant and clumsily placed. I disguised them with some extra filigree to distract from the bulk of them, toned down the colour to bring out the sunflower instead, and then added a third leaf to draw the composition up the leg a bit and shift the flow away from the foot.
It looks more feminine now, even though there’s more of it
(and check out those cool toe nails!)



  1. Tom says:

    Hi Morag

    Thanks for the colour in my tiger – it’s awesome! And you’re right, very tactile as well.

    I was so excited about the tiger and my new motorbike that I forgot to see your new work – next time I suppose !!

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