11th +12th october Hamburg

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this is my second visit to the Jungbluth studio, so it felt more like home than last time, I was looking forward to seeing all the people again that I’d met last time and I knew where everything was  😀 .
What is different this time is that I’m working in the big room that they call the atelier, it’s seperate from the main shop- around the corner and upstairs- and it’s much bigger and more comfortable. I’ve not got a pillar in my worspace that I need to work around, and there are no people squeezing past me to get to the sterilizing room which is nice, but I’ll miss the hustle and bustle of the main shop and having a receptionist on hand. The atelier is more of a quiet custom space, where myself, the main Jungbluth artist Mo and another guest from L.A. called Dan are working.

Last time I was here I was given too much work and not enough time to do it in, I think they thought I did smaller tattoos than I do, so this time they’ve given me a much less cramped schedule. I’ve also noticed that the other guy Mo is their main japanese tattoo artist, so anything like that automatically goes to him I’m assuming. The only japanese style piece booked in with me is a fixer upper, probably one Mo knocked back  😆

I’m happy to do lots of floral pieces, my other main area of interest, specially as most of the customers booked in are continuations of pieces I started last time. I’ve been really pleased that so many people from my last guest spot here waited for me to come back, and it’s lovely to see them again!

The first one of them was Nina, we did a phoenix on her leg last time, and this time she wanted me to tattoo her other leg, a continuation of a piece she had done by a thai artist a wee while ago. I wanted the style of the piece to look consistent, so I stuck pretty faithfully to the original type of rose, just added 3 more to bring the piece up her leg a bit better

my next piece was sort of a walk in, but one I couldn’t resist doing, as I loved the design! It’s by an american artist called Jeremy Fish, who does some great cartoony illustrations, check out his website!(you need to scroll the pictures sideways to see more than a couple, took me a while to suss that one out,doh!  😆 )

Christopher, the customer, was a big Jeremy Fish fan and had the chance to meet and hang out with him, and at the end Jeremy fish drew this rabbit specially for Christopher. The significance being that Christophr’s second name is similar to the german word for rabbit, how cool!

I also did a tattoo on Femke, who was in to see me last time I was here, we’d tattooed some lilies and a bit of swirly stuff to disguise an unexciting lower back tattoo, and in the meantime Femke has got the bug and wanted the lilies going all up her back, possibly even tumbling down her arm  😆
Not the best pictures of the tattoo, sorry

I also had time to go to the Hamburg art museum and have a good look around. I love the history of art, it’s what I have my degree in, so if I get a chance I like to go and see what treasures there are to explore.
I came across this picture from the 1920’s, if you’d been into tattoos 90 years ago, this is what your collection could have looked like  😆

also came across this cool but strange bust, here eyes were inlaid with dark red glass.(I think it must be of the greek woman who forsaw a war when she looked out to sea and it was of blood, not water, I forget her name, ancient Greek mythology was never my strong point)

and these cool dude camels

or how about this wee lamb? You’ve got to love the details in the backgrounds of old paintings, it’s where the artist had the freedom to stamp their mark on the piece and be a bit more inventinve, as the subject matter and foreground belonged to the person who commissioned it

I also like spotting the artist’s self portraits in the crowd, they liked to sneak one in and you can always tell them, the serious face peering directly at you as they studied themselves in the mirror.
I specially liked this one, it looks like he’s got a portrait of his wife in too. I can just imagine the conversation
‘look honey, I’ve included myself here’ ‘wow, that’s amazing!I want my picture done, too, can I be in it? Please?’ ‘Oh, ok, I’m sure I can squeeze you in somehow…’  😀


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