Leamington Spa all female tattoo convention

Posted: 11/10/2011 in japanese tattoo, morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

I had saturday off work as I was getting the train down to leaminton Spa for this convention, I had to be there first thing on sunday. It was a really early start, the orgaizers wanted us there for 7.30 or something crazy like that to set up for the opening of the show at 10am. Needless to say we were there more like 9am. it really doesn’t take me that long to get my stall set up.

I was working it without Roz for a change, as she is on holiday in South Africa, but my old friend helen was working alongside me and she had an assistant called jenna with her, so it didn’t feel lonely.
In fact it was great having time to spend with helen again, she’s got a studio in Belfast called Skullduggery and i was keen to get all her news.

The convention was in a place called the Assembly, a fancy old building like a victorian theatre. It was quite small, but then this was a small convention, so the venue was perfect.

It didn’t feel particularly different from any other small convention, the fact that we were all female was nice, but not really particularly or noticeably different from any other convention. There were great artists and not so great ones, custom artists and flash ones, artists who had specialised and all-rounders. There were artists who thought they were something special, and really down to earth girls who were having a laugh.
Much like any other convention.
The supply stalls were ok, but I’d just gone shopping at the London convention, so I wasn’t really looking for anything.

Here’s a couple of pics of Helen and Jenna in their stall, mine’s the one next to it -looking empty, as I was it’s only occupant and I was the one taking the photos  😆

I had Kaz in first thing, she wanted a giraffe under a tree on her calf, not usually a problem, but I didn’t have a bench for her to lie on and the tables looked pretty wobbly! We managed to get it done, in various positions that were extremely uncomfortable for both of us, but in future I’m not going to take any bookings for leg tattoos at conventions unless I’ve got a bench, it#s just too hard.

this giraffe tattoo isn’t finished yet, it will have a background and a horizon, more tree in the distance and some grass for the giraffe to stand on  😀

I had a wee break to get some lunch and then Kitt came along with her partner Dave, we were going to add some extentions to the two flowers we’d done at a convention previously.
The two flowers were cover-ups, so they were quite chunky and bold, we kept that look going for the new additions, but it was nice to have virgin skin to work on!

Kitt’s favourite colour is orange in case you hadn’t noticed, and although she liked a basic symmetry, she also wanted there to be differences between the flowers, so we changed the colours a bit for each one

Everyone seemed to pack up sharpish and bolt, we hung around a bit and watched a really good band called the toy hearts

there didn’t seem to be any after show party organised for this event (if there was, no one told us haha) so Helen, Jenna and me went back to our hotel room and chilled out. Not very rock ‘n’ roll, but nice!


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