tribe 3 today, with the whole crew of Alex, erik and laura, (whole crew until Roz gets back from her holiday of course)

My first customer was David, time for more traditional scales! We’d outlined and partially shaded a new dragon on top of his koi 3/4 sleeve, and today we got close to finishing the piece. Not quite though, still some red to go and the cherry blossom to fill in around the back

then our rhino had a wee session to get another skull added to his collection, this one is in black and grey, to contrast with the bright colours of the flames and leaf/wings of the fore/background  😆
not making myself very clear here, but it’s hard to describe! This piece is more of an abstract visual statement than a narrative, so there’s no point analysing it. It’s fun with colours, textures and contrasts, and it’s a slow work in progress


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