tuesday 4th + wednesday 5th of October

Posted: 06/10/2011 in japanese tattoo, morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

the week started in Tribe 3 as usual, and up for the whole day to get tattooed was Dawn.
I first met Dawn at the doncaster tattoo convention 3 years ago, where I did a cover up for her, with her favourite flower poppies and some swirls.
The next year I spoke to her about doing some more of this design to cover other pieces that she had, but the tattoos she wanted covered were just that bit too dark, and we decided to wait until she’d had some lasering done to lighten them, which would make matters a lot easier and avoid having dark, blobby poppies covering the old pieces. After the lasering we were able to use nice vibrant colours and the end result is so much better for it.
the idea for the new addition is to tie up a few lose ends, and to consolidate what was a bitty and fairly random collection of tattoos so that it all flows better and is more of one piece.

I’ve decided against working at the Doncaster convention from now on, so Dawn came up to edinburgh for the day to get her tattoo now that the lasering has done it’s magic.
we ran out of time before we could finish the whole piece, we’d expected as much, but in any case I’d have liked to have seen Dawn again at some point to check on the cover-ups. lasered and previously tattooed skin can sometimes put up a bit of resistance to getting tattooed again, and can need a second ‘coat’ in places.

on wednesday I did the usual trek through to glasgow, where i worked with just Simon and Maggie. Maggie was standing in for mark who is in Italy on family matters, as are the girls Raffi and Bru!

My main piece on wednesday was Derek’s dragon, Bernhard (named by his daughter)

It’s coming along! one more session will nail this lively piece  😀

I’ll put up quite a few pictures of it, to give you an idea of how it wraps around the arm


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