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beautiful sunny day at Tribe 3, with Erik. Alex, Laura and Roz  😀

I had a day of plants booked in, first some ivy and then lilies… unfortunately for some stupid reason I forgot to photograph the ivy. It’s freehand and creeping up her back, as it’s not finished yet, I can get a snap of it next time. Soz.

Then kenny had an appointment to get more of his lily sleeve shaded. Kenny is a boxer, and a few of us from Tribe had been to see him fight at the weekend -a fight that he won in  spectacular fashion- so I was looking forward to chatting to him about it. I try to control my inner fan girl and not embarrass myself, but it’s hard because I find boxing so exciting and love talking about it!

We got most of the forearm shaded today, and I’d made the executive decision to go darker and more dramatic on the whole thing than originally planned. This is because I want his tattoo to be visible from the cheap seats, too, and not just ringside  😀
I was sitting in the cheap seats on the bleachers when I made that executive decision…

busy old day at tribe 1 in the Southside, with Rob, George and Tiddy  😀

I had another scaley session first up, Alan’s dragon had been looking a bit naked of late, but we’re getting there!
(as usual for work done at Tribe 1, I apologize for the lousy photos!Still not figured out a good place to take them)

and another japanese style piece after that, just finishing off a couple of leaves here

and last but not least, Sheena got a wee vegan piece, strawberries and all, love it!

and for Sheena, and every other greyhound lover, here’s our wee pup Ziggy, he’s growing fast, and is probably nearly twice the size he was in the picture taken a few weeks ago. Even so he’s only a third of the weight he will be  😯

glasgow day, and kicking it off were some scales, lots of them, with wee scales inside them  😆
This way of doing scales is very time consuming, but it’s traditional and it looks the biz once it’s done.
Also got round to doing a bit of red, and some of the shading in the head of the dragon

and then some colour, Hazel had a bit added to her shoulder piece to make it flow along the back a bit more  😀