visiting the London convention

Posted: 27/09/2011 in japanese tattoo, morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

on saturday Roz and me took the train down to London for the annual tattoo convention there, we try to go every year to see what everyone is up to and to hang out with old and new friends, and to pick up some supplies from the supply stalls. Oh, and to have a couple of drinks and watch some bands  😀

Usually we just fire down on the sunday really early, have a couple of hours to get around all the artists and stalls before the convention closes and then come back to Scotland in time for work on tusday. This time we took the saturday off and had two days, just as well really, as they’ve added some more artists to the rota and there was even more to look at.

the convention is held in Tobacco Dock, a nice old venue with lots of light on a couple of levels, and a dungeon like basement with stalls and bars. it’s ideal for a convention like this, and for some reason the weather has been great every time!
I’ve not got all the pictures off my phone yet, I’m having a bit of bother uploading them to the usual photobucket, but here are a couple I took
in the meantime

this guy is from Milan, wonder if Raffi knows him?

a couple of the japanese artists were doing some wonderful work, and had their models with them

On sunday Roz and me managed to get to the British Museum, one of my favourite places in the UK, stuffed to the gunnels with treasures (usually looted) from all over the world. Some of the exhibits clearly should be returned to their countries, but before/if that happens it is a golden opportunity to check them out.
My favourite object of this visit was this adorable wee antique foo dog  from the japanese section of the museum.
It’s only a couple of inches high, what a cutie!

having tattooed the Hokusai wave recently, I was interested to find there was a whole range of merchandise for sale with the wave on it

The convention was interesting as usual, although there were mostly the same faces (and portfolios) as last year, but in addition there was an art exhibition which was good, and The Beat played!

We got to catch up on some gossip and chat to friends which was cool, but on the whole there was an obvious change in atmosphere from the last conventions. For a start it was certainly quite a lot less busy, and there was a lack of excitement in the air.
The awards ceremony was only followed by a small group compared to the previous times, I don’t know, maybe people are getting bored with conventions? I was certainly not as excited as previous years, although I had a great time, it wasn’t the same…. maybe I’m getting old and jaded!

I’ll be going to the next one most probably, I like going to London anyway and this is a good excuse, but I might not be shooting off to conventions further afield to check them out.

ok, more photos to follow (I hope!)

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