tuesday 13th september

Posted: 13/09/2011 in Uncategorized

I got my times wrong this morning and showed up an hour too early! Roz came in just after me to discover that her laser customer had cancelled, so we had a spare time and went to check out one of the local galleries- bonus!  😀  I don’t see enough of Roz these days, she’s so busy with the lasering, so it was good to steal away together for an hour.

Back at the studio (at the right time now) Lee was in to get some scar tissue covered up with a tattoo to distract from it. The scar is from a skin graft, and pretty rough looking, but it was old and settled, so we were able to go over it with something pretty. Lee had chosen peonies in pinks and purple.

Another session will be required to finish the leaves, add some detail and to give the tattoo a second coat where it needs it, scar tissue can be a bit temperamental in accepting ink, so I like to do it in stages.

then Coco and his flames, when we were done for the day he said they looked nearly as hot as they felt  😆

and at the end of the day Donnamatrix was in to get her tattoo finished, it’s only been 5 years or so in the making!!
I love this piece, bonkers and cute with an edge or two


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