friday 9th + saturday 10th september

Posted: 11/09/2011 in japanese tattoo, morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

On friday I started an exciting new project in Tribe 3, Ross wants a phoenix going over his shoulder, onto his arm a bit and around his side, mostly in Black and grey, but there might be accents here and there of a couple of colours, he’s still a bit undecided there.
We made a good start on it, drawing it on took a while, but we still had time to do not just the outlines but some basic shading, too.

then more lines1 Vicky got her back tattoo finished, it was drawn up by her sister, I only had to make a few wee changes here and there to make it tattooable, and the colours were chosen by Vicky.

Saturday was a glasgow day, both the Italian girls are back in Italy for a visit at the moment, so it was just me, Tim, Mark and Simon.

Last time Dougy was in I managed to accidentally delete the photos i took of his roses, and i remember promising to get photos this time, well guess what, i forgot, and only photographed the bits we did today  🙄
You’ll be thinking I’m trying to avoid posting his tattoo up! Maybe suspecting I fucked it up even!  😆  I assure you I didn’t, his tattoo is looking good, and I’m just being a moron.

Today we did a couple of wee butterflies and some leaves to bring the design around the arm

Also getting his tattoo finished was tristan, we’ve been working on a backpiece which is now done. I’d like to get a picture of this once it’s healed and Tristan’s sun tan has gone! he’s just back from turkey and was brown as a berry. This messes with your colours, people! They look much brighter on white skin, and also tanning is just bad for your skin in general, and tattooed skin in particular, as it can cause fading. get your sun block out and use it and use it, or I’ll come after you with a sharp knife and take the tattoo back, ha!  😈

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