wednesday 7th september

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weegie wednesday!

kicking it off was Richard to get the last of his geisha and peonies done, she’s looking good! Shame i can’t take credit for the geisha artwork, Richard brought in a picture for me to interpret

And then a complete departure from my usual style and subject matter, gasp, shock, an american flag blowing in the wind  😆
The reason I did this piece is that I did the other tattoo on his arm a looong time ago, I think about 10 year ago, and I’m still quite fond of it. I didn’t really like the idea of someone else adding to it and potentially doing something I didn’t approve of!
The new addition had to be quite light in colour as not to crowd the original pieces, and the danger would have been that the overall composition would have looked too busy.
Making the new additions too dark would have been easy as ian’s skin is quite brown, which reduces the tonal range available.

Ian’s dad is american, in case you’re wondering about the reason for this tattoo  😆
Some more clouds to be added to this next time

and last but certainly not least, Angie got her piece finished, the trees that we started at the Edinburgh tattoo convention! At last we got round to adding the colour and shading to the path through the trees. This tattoo is after a beautiful painting of an autumnal forest with a lake. Love it, so different!
I just need to get some decent pictures of it, these are not a good representation, so hopefully Angie can make it in again once it’s all healed so that i can take some snaps

  1. olomhe says:

    Beautiful tattoos…as usual 🙂

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