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I apologize for the randomness and late blogs, there’s a lot going on at the moment like the tattoo Jam convention in Doncaster.
Normally I’d be working at this convention, but apart from wanting to take time off from doing conventions, this one in particular is a bit of a controversial one these days.
Don’t ask, just stupid politics, but by taking part you are inadvertently making a statement which might prevent you from taking part in other ones. All very silly unfortunately, but I made the decision to stay away this year.
I’m going off the idea of working at conventions a bit, it’s a costly and disruptive business, packing up your studio like that and travelling to wherever the convention is.
I’m loving my work and customers back home, I’ve got all these great projects on the go and pieces I want to get stuck into, it doesn’t seem too tempting to go and work somewhere else for a weekend. Most of my pieces are large projects that can’t be done in one sitting, so when I’m at a convention I either do smaller pieces or bring the ‘unfinished customer’ with me to work on, either kind of defeats the purpose, really.

I used to find conventions exciting, meeting new people and checking out their portfolios, see what’s hot and what not, networking and shmoozing.
I still do to an extent, but I’ve come to realise that I can just visit the convention without actually working at it, do all the above, and go back home to my customers  😀
The recession has hit conventions noticeably, too, there are still plenty of people attending, but much less so to get tattooed, just to browse. I’ve noticed some artists not getting any work t all during a convention, unheard of just a few years ago. Really, to be on the safe side you’d want to book up beforehand, bookings via the internet with a deposit to safeguard it, or you might lose out, making it a very expensive flop indeed.
I went to the Tattoo Jam on the artist friday, a trade only day with lectures etc, which was pretty good, although it seemed a bit on the quiet side. I’ve spoken to friends who worked at the whole convention since, and they were not too happy with it- apparently there wasn’t much work, predictably.

Having said all that, I will be working at a wee convention in leamington Spa in october, because it’s an all female artist one, and the first one of it’s kind in the UK. I’m curious, looking forward to hooking up with a few people i know will be there, but I’m not expecting anything major.

Anyway, onto some work that I’ve been doing.
Mhairi got her cute super lucky cat tattoo extended, she felt it needed some clouds and a sun, and I was happy to oblige  😀

I also started a dragon 3/4 sleeve, we had a good long session booked to I could take my time drawing it on and lining it, even had some time left for a bit of shading

Also natasha was back in the country and we added a couple of wee flowers to her backpiece. This was a bit of a fixer-upper, and Roz is in the process of lasering an old section that was a clumsy cover-up. Once that’s light enough we can turn it into something a bit more pleasing than a black blob  😆

friday I worked with the tribe 3 crew, and i had two lower back pieces to do, the first one was a continuation of three red roses with some green abstract swirls tying them together. One more rose to go

the other lower back piece was actually the start of a half backpiece, we just happened to start on the lower back, it’s going to be extended up and over the shoulder in sections.
The design was the customer’s own (designed by her sister) and tell the story of her life. the bottom piece we did today is the sea, with the wee star being the star of the seas, a translation of her daughter’s name.

On saturday I went through to Glasgow to start on a half sleeve, it was a 10am start, early for me, but I quite liked it. traffic isn’t bad coming through from Edinburgh on a saturday, I think I might do this more often! If you have a saturday morning appointment with me in Glasgow and fancy extending it, give mark a bell  😀

Anyway, lyndsey’s japanese half sleeve with flowers got drawn on, outlined and even some shading added. I’ll be coming back to the shading next time, but that’s the way I like to work.

Then i zipped back to Edinburgh to catch the evening flight to Amsterdam, my sister and me took my mother there for her birthday as a surprise  😀

glasgow today, and I had a koi day 😀

the first was a cover up of a large but old and partially lasered indian tattoo, we’d started it last session and today we got stuck into some colour

then another koi, this one I’d started a few years back, but he had to go to hospital for some major treatments and operations, so the tattoo was put on hold. Now we’ve finally got it all done 😀

back at work today, in Tribe 3 with Erik, Alex and Roz, all was going well until the bloody dishwasher upstairs in the Mezz bar flooded us (again!). Their kitchen is above our back room, and they have a knackered dishwasher that the owner refuses to fix, while the staff still use it….
I phoned the owner today, and he said ‘fuck you, bitch’ and hung up.

we had to move into the laser room downstairs to tattoo half way through the day, luckily Roz wasn’t lasering there today! To say I’m pissed off with the guy from the Mezz bar is an understatement.
Here’s Alex and Erik working away in the basement, I was working in the other corner, it was spacious enough, but of course we’d rather have been upstairs.

before all this happened I was working on Scott’s warrior sleeve, we’ve still got the red in the cape to do, and some general tidying up here and there. Then we can have a look at how it all fits with the existing dragon tattoo (by another artist) and if that piece needs any work done to it to make it blend with the new stuff.

my other piece (done in the basement) was the outlining of Mark’s backpiece. we had done the head as a tester, and Mark had decided to go for it and so we drew on and roughly outlined the rest of it. from now we’ll complete the piece in sections until it’s all done