saturday 27th + tuesday 30th august

Posted: 30/08/2011 in japanese tattoo, morag sangster, tattoo, tattoo studio scotland, tattooist female, Uncategorized

double blog today, I didn’t get round to writing over the weekend as we were too busy having fun, but more on that later. First the work:

saturday was a glasgow day, Roz and me went through and gave mark the receptionist a hard time (sort of) (ok, not really) Joining us were the italian girls, Tim and Simon.

First up was derek, he’d had a small piper lasered that was just too tiny and badly done, but he still liked the general piper idea, so we went a bit bigger and added some scenery in the background and thistles in the foreground. that’s the plan at least, today we didn’t get much scenery done apart form the sketchiest (for now) of tiny Stirling castles! This will have a road with a motorbike and rider leading up to it. The whole thing will be mostly black and grey with some colour accents here and there

Lyndsey was booked in to get the last of her 1/2 sleeve done, just finished off the grey and a bit of colour, I’ll look at it again once it’s all healed and settled to see if any of it needs any more done to it, but actually i don’t think so.

After work on saturday we zipped back to edinburgh as we had a night out planned, to see the boxing at Meadowbank. My customer Kenny Anderson was fighting (he’s getting a sleeve of lilies), and seeing as it was Laura’s birthday, we made it part of the celebration  😀
Kenny won quite spectacularly, so we were made up!

On sunday we continued the celebration, the italian girls came through from Glasgow, and along with the rest of the edinburgh tribe crew we enjoyed a meal, some festival activities and the late night opening hours of the Auld Hoose  😀

Back to work on tuesday, and straight in with a new piece, a lower leg tattoo based on the famous Hokusai wave.
I changed it to fit the leg, so I really can’t call it The Hokusai Wave, but I will call it The Moragsai Wave.  😉

Also paula popped in for a session on her fairy and flowers piece, it’s been a while since her last session, as she had some real-life-stuff to be getting on with. Don’t you just hate it when real life gets in the way!

We are disguising some scars with this piece

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