half day at tribe 3 for me today, i had a last minute cancellation unfortunately, so i started a bit later.

Then I wished I’d have had more time for Scott’s warrior, I under estimated how much time I’d still need and now his warrior is unfinished….

(the small section of red cape under the warrior’s chin is still scabby and healing from the other day when we tattooed it, in case you’re wondering why it looks odd)

starting another section on Vicky’s abstract cala lily piece. Her sister designed this piece, it is based on the story of vicky’s life, last time we did the lower section which represented the sea and her wee daughter.
The middle section will be last, i chose to do the top and bottom sections first as they were the more specific ones. Now, if i need to make any adjustments to the design to make it fit the body (as opposed to the piece of paper it came on) I will make those changes to the most flexible part of the design, the skinny mid section.
Then i will tie up any lose ends and tidy up here and there, and voila 😀


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