I’m back at work, I enjoyed my week at art school and think it did me good. It’s nice to be challenged to do different sort of things artistically, and I’m sure it will somehow feed back into my tattooing. And although I like all kinds of art, tattooing is still my first love!

so, back with the tribe 3 gang, and a full day of appointments.
Scott had a wee sneaky hour in the morning, we still had some grey to finish off, and now he’d like there to be some colour in his warrior. We’ve still got that to do, and more grey finishing touches. Then we can move onto the piece that he’s in the process of lasering to make the whole sleeve work together
ignore the wee white bits of fluff in the photo, they are from the kitchen roll. i should have wiped them off a bit better!

after scott I had Lee, we finished off his koi 3/4 sleeve which was a cover up.  😀

and last, but of course not least, mark got scaled up, or his dragon did. we managed to outline all the scales and double line the bottom ones, as they will all be black with a white line in them, very traditional

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