Another minging day in Edinburgh, must be for all the people trying to have a good time during the festival…
By the way, if anyone has any good suggestions for things to see during the festival, let me know! I always hear of good shows AFTER they’ve been and gone, so if you can recommend one, pipe up  😀

Lisa was back from Hong Kong to pack up the last of her belongings before moving there permanently, and she also made time to see me to get some cherry blossoms added to her traditional style dragon.
All the best in Hong Kong, Lisa!

Also in was scott, fresh from a holiday in Italy. We are still working on his sleeve, he has a warrior on his forearm, with a cape that wraps protectively around a son and wife figure. Scott is a professional body guard and looks after his wife who has ill health, and of course their son. He certainly deserves to wear a tattoo like this.

the warrior is a continuation of a dragon piece by another artist, I’m filling in the space to turn it all into a sleeve. One more session will finish my section of it, and Roz is lasering another section of the older dragon which wasn’t as successful, once that’s done we’ll have another look at the whole thing and see how we can blend my section and the dragon piece to make it look less added on. Err, hope that makes sense 😆

sorry about the blurry picture, my bad

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