Weegie wednesday with the whole gang, Mark, Tim, Simon and the italian girls raffi and Bru. We had an extra tattooist in today, the lovely Isabella from True Colours was in to get her backpiece worked on by Bru  😀

I had Thatrick in, we added some shading to the water and rocks of his backpiece, it’s coming together now!

then Richard had another session to add some peonies to his geisha piece, not quite finished with the geisha, juuuust run out of time and he’ll have to pop in for another hour at a later date. This will have the advantage of letting me have a good look at what’s been done so far and do any finishing touches should they need it, so from my point of view it’s a good thing, although I’m sure Richard would have liked to have got it all over and done with today… he was feeling it in some places.

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