back at work today, in Tribe 3 with Erik, Alex and Roz, all was going well until the bloody dishwasher upstairs in the Mezz bar flooded us (again!). Their kitchen is above our back room, and they have a knackered dishwasher that the owner refuses to fix, while the staff still use it….
I phoned the owner today, and he said ‘fuck you, bitch’ and hung up.

we had to move into the laser room downstairs to tattoo half way through the day, luckily Roz wasn’t lasering there today! To say I’m pissed off with the guy from the Mezz bar is an understatement.
Here’s Alex and Erik working away in the basement, I was working in the other corner, it was spacious enough, but of course we’d rather have been upstairs.

before all this happened I was working on Scott’s warrior sleeve, we’ve still got the red in the cape to do, and some general tidying up here and there. Then we can have a look at how it all fits with the existing dragon tattoo (by another artist) and if that piece needs any work done to it to make it blend with the new stuff.

my other piece (done in the basement) was the outlining of Mark’s backpiece. we had done the head as a tester, and Mark had decided to go for it and so we drew on and roughly outlined the rest of it. from now we’ll complete the piece in sections until it’s all done


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